Prologue (PG-13 for some gore)

The flaming remains of a town burned sadly in the sharp wind. On the singed ground lay bodies.

Human bodies, mostly. The plant-less soil was littered with them. Dry blood colored it dark red. Most of them were pretty whole; a few were still weakly breathing although they would certainly never wake up again without medical aid.

There were also several virtually torn apart corpses. They were not of humans. It was like a supernatural being had swept past with the sole intention of killing those but its sole presence had made everything else drop dead too.

The mutilated ones were powerful creatures known as Legendary Pokémon. There were twelve or so dead Legendary Pokémon in these former streets in total. Only two of them were not lying in pieces with their guts spread around.

Both had somewhat catlike shapes. One had blood-stained whitish-pink fur; it was rather simple-looking, with stubs for ears, small front paws but large, rabbit-like back legs, and a long, thin tail ending in an egg-like shape.

The other one looked a bit similar to the pink one, but a lot larger; it was whitish purple with a deep violet tail which was thicker than the other one’s; it narrowed towards the similar egg shape on the tail end. The ears were smaller in comparison to the head than the other one’s and pointed more upwards than to the sides. The overall shape of the body was more human; it had longer arms with three ball-like fingers although the legs were more like a kangaroo’s. It had a large, bleeding wound in the middle of its chest.

The pink one stirred. It was still breathing. The life slowly returned to the little body. A leg twitched. Soon enough, its eyes opened.


The small creature rose up and stared wide-eyed at the destruction.

The Legendary Pokémon levitated a meter or so into the air as its big, innocent-looking sapphire blue eyes fearfully scanned the area.

Then it stopped, kicked the air with both legs and darted towards the place it was staring at.

“Chalenor!” a desperate telepathic scream sounded as it looked upon a severed, black, feline-like head. It had likely belonged to a Legendary Pokémon the size of a leopard or so. Two neon green stripes were on the top of the head, pointing downwards at the nose. The same green shade was also on two spikes which came in place of ears, and four other spikes; two pointing in a 45 degree angle up and backwards from the sides of the head, two pointing horizontally backwards from the bottom of the upper jaw. Likewise, markings on each side of the head were the same color. The left eye socket was empty; the right eyeball was merely a torn, bloody mess.

The pink Legend turned away, its vision getting blurry from tears.