The Quest for the Legends (IALCOTN)

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The Ten Agreements of Pokémon Training

  1. A Pokémon has, under all circumstances, an unquestionable right to disobey a trainer's command if the Pokémon so desires.
  2. In a trainer battle, a Pokémon may not aim its attacks to be fatal and must, if necessary, limit the power of its attacks in order to make them relatively harmless. Likewise, a trainer may not order a Pokémon to kill its opponent.
  3. A Pokémon currently staying with a trainer should not attack a human for any reason barring self-defense. The same applies to any human assaulting a trainer's Pokémon.
  4. Trainers should view Pokémon battling as a sport and a sport only. Pokémon battles should not be used to settle personal disputes between trainers.
  5. A Pokémon has a right to fight any trainer who wishes to capture it or, if it does not wish to be caught, to escape from the battle. If a Pokémon is captured without opportunity or ability to fight or run, such as when caught unconscious or when too young to fight, it should be regarded as unfairly obtained.
  6. Any Pokémon that has been separated from a former trainer against its will and obtained by another should be regarded as unfairly obtained.
  7. A trainer is obligated to ensure his or her Pokémon's health and safety at all times. Any Pokémon whose health is violated or not cared for by its trainer should be regarded as abused.
  8. Any Pokémon in a trainer's possession has a right to training and exercise. A trainer is obligated to train every Pokémon that he or she obtains appropriately for the Pokémon's endurance and needs. Any Pokémon denied of proper training should be regarded as abused.
  9. Any Pokémon has a right to request to be released from a trainer's care if dissatisfied and for that request to be respected. In accordance with Agreement #1, a Pokémon may disregard a trainer's orders until released if the trainer is reluctant to follow this rule.
  10. If an abused or unfairly obtained Pokémon is not released upon its wish, an attack on the trainer, strictly for the purpose of freedom and no more powerful than necessary, should be regarded as self-defense.

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