The Quest for the Legends (IALCOTN)

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Awakening. Heavy eyelids retract with difficulty, slowly, weakly. The deep blue eyes behind them adjust their focus to the cloudy sky above.

It did not know where it was, but it could tell that it was lying down.

It also knew that the sky had been clear last time it saw it.

The creature’s small pink paws feel the damp soil underneath them. It moves them, trembling, up into its line of vision, and the eyes refocus.

Blood dripped slowly from the raised paw onto the fur on its chest, but what did it matter? It was all stained red already.

It blinks.

There was not supposed to be blood. There was no blood in its last conscious memory.

It squeezes its eyes firmly shut again and pushes itself shakily to its elongated feet, but then hesitates.

It did not really want to look. It feared what it might see, what more horror its eyes would be forced to absorb.

But it had to.

The creature’s chest expands and contracts. It opens a small rift between its eyelids.

Fire, death, destruction.

Its eyes snap open.

It is standing beside the body of a larger creature with pale, leathery skin, bulgy fingers and toes and a long, thick, violet tail.

It did not recognize him, but thought no more of it in the horror of the moment.

The last remaining houses of a human village burn in front of a forest of dead, leafless trees. The former inhabitants, humans and Pokémon, lie sprawled on the ground, some dead, some dying, some mutilated beyond recognition, but none conscious. It notices the torn corpse of a black creature with glowing, green markings lying a short distance away.

It sensed the cool wind ruffle its fur. It suddenly seemed so cold…

It felt around with telepathy in despair, but there was no response signal; the only sound to be heard was the crackling of the fire as it devoured the last remains of the village.

The creature closes its large eyes and lets the burning tears wash the blood off its face.

It was alone.

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